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We are the first Latinx Comic Book Convention on the East Coast, focusing on promoting the presence of and history of

Latinx, Hispanic, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinx, and Indigenous

creators in Geek Culture! Comic Books, Literature, Video Games, Sci-Fi, Fantasy Horror, and More!

Origin Story

To combat the erasure of Latin Americans in popular culture and media, Nerdtino Entertainment Studios, LLC organized a Latinx Geek community on social media. Our goal was to promote the presence and history of Latinx, Hispanic, Xicano, Afro-Latinx, and Afro-Caribbean creators and fans in geek culture. From Comic Books and Fantasy to Science Fiction and Video Games, we brought together Cosplayers, Gamers, Writers, Artists, Academics, and casual fans under one banner: Nerdtino.

Nerdtino Expo 2020 is scheduled for

Saturday, November 7th!

Source: Nerdtino Expo 2017 @SeniaLopez

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The Philadelphia Latino Film Festiva

The Philadelphia Latino Film Festival (PHLAFF) was established in 2012 and has become the Greater Philadelphia region’s only festival showcasing the extraordinary and innovative work of emerging and established Latin American and Latino filmmakers. Each year, the Festival includes screenings of ground-breaking works from all genres. Festival programs attract a diverse audience, developing a new space in the Philadelphia region where filmmakers, actors, and producers can meet with other artists.