Are you interested in reaching out to the Latin American community?

Are you a Latin American or Philadelphian business or organization that supports community events?

For the purposes of supporting our event, the Nerdtino Expo and Nerdtino Entertainment Studios, LLC has developed a comprehensive sponsorship program with a diversity of benefits and contribution levels. Please contact our team at NerdtinoExpo@gmail.com for full inquiries and to receive a copy of our Call to Action Report, detailing guests, programming, and more.

Nerdtino Expo 2019 

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Al Dia News Media

Al Dia News Media is the premier news organization focused on the Latino American experience. Al Dia empowers Latinos to write their own story and define the Latino experience proactively. AL DÍA offers readers a unique perspective in the midst of the cluttered media landscape with its national news website available in English and Spanish, a weekly print edition, English-language events including media panels, political conversations, film screenings, and other ambitious content initiatives.

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